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Interesting in this connection ia a notice in the work - Early English Pronunciation - by Prof. Alexander J. If we recall that some of these early letters were issued as a small pamphlet, the quotation is self explanatory. Haldeman sent me a reprint of some humorous letters by Rauch, entitled "Pennsylvania Daitsh: De Campaign Breefa fum Pit Schweffelbrenner" Perceiving at once the analogy between this debased German with English intermixture and Chaucer's debased Anglo Saxon with Norman intermixture, I requested and obtained such further information as enabled me to give an account of this singular reproduction of the manner in which our English language itself was built up, and insert it in the introduction to my chapter on Chaucer's pro- nunciation.

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This first number contaired the publisher's announcement in parallel columns of English and Pennsylvania German , n This will be included in entirety elsewhere with the contents of all the known numbers of the magazine and specimens of the articles contained : familiar sayings in similar parallel columns, a poem by Tobias Witmer, together with a translation into English by Prof. Hal- deman of the University of Pennsylvania: a poem by Rauch himself, evidently in the manner of Harbaugh and entitled "Unser Alty Heemet"; a Pennsylvania German letter; the first of Rauch' s Shakespeare translations; a number of pages of English short stories and poems; followed by the first installment of the author's Pennsylvania German Dictionary with this interesting note n We are confident that before the first of January every reader of the Pennsylvanie Dutchman, by simply studying this part of tho publication together with the page of familiar sayings will be able to re i.

Apropos of the use of the dialect for business pur- poses, it might be remarked that as recently as a candidate for Judge in a County in which his party was in overwhelming majority was defeated, because, though he had been long a resident of the County he had not thought worthwhile to learn the dialect. Lest this cause any surprise, I call attention to the remarkable par- allelism between the argument used by the organ of the party that opposed him and the statement made by Jos. Grimmer in the Strass- burger Post of Sept.

Pennsylvania German, and it in no way reflects upon the intelligence of any public man to be able to do business in a language that has been spoken from the earliest history of the county. On the other hand it is important that the man who sits upon the Bench to administer justice with an even hand shall be con- versant with the dialect of a large majority of the people and which does not always admit of strict interpretation.

Bffentlichen Leben erortert eine Aus las sung von Grimmer der die Notwendigkeit dass der Richter die Mundart der Gegend in der er seines Amtes waltet wo nicht beherrsche so doch verstehe, an gut gewahlten Beispielen erlautert. In this connection it may not be out of place to cite from a newspaper of Fox, the defendant's counsel spoke the Pennsylvania Dutch of Dauphin County. I have myself heard a lawyer review in the dialect before the Jury, testimony that had been given in the dialect, at such length that the Judge stopped him to inquire whether he purposed to give his entire plea in the dialect.

Curiously enough, the lawyer in questionjwas a native of Cornwall, England, but he at least appreciated what Hauch implied, that a knowledge of the dialect was a business necessity. But to return to the Pennsylvania Dutch Magazine. After the Dictionary, there followed, strir. Joy paper expressed itself over this new Magazine.

The Reformed Church Messenger, although objecting to the name Dutchman, found the enterprise a "commendable one" and "hoped it would prove a success. Rauch is best known to our reiders under the name of Pit Schweffelbrenner; he has done more to popularize this amusing dialect than any man in America", while the following is from the New York Deutsche Blatter "In Lancaster erscheint jetzt ein neuer Magazin - Der Pennsylvania Dutchman - es ist Teils Englisch und Teils in dem eigenttimlichen Pennsylvania Deutsche Dialekt geschrieben und fuhrt nicht bloss die Sprache sondern die Sitten vor, welche sich unter den deutschen Ansiedlern im Innem des Staats erhalten haben.

Three months of the magazine I have seen; it must have survived a little longer, if the Deutsche Pionier of Cin- cinnati is correct in citing from it material that does not appear in these first three numbers. At the most, its life was no douht a short one. On the editorial page of the first number Rauch had said: "It is the only publication of its kind, but that it will be the last one we do not believe. These publications have thus far eluded my search, but a book under the latter title was published at Mauch Chunk, A chapter illustrating Prof. Whi truer' a ideas on spelling reform and a few recent Pit Schweffelbrenner letters conclude the volume.

Rauch referred slightingly p. Zimmerman ' s Pennsylvania German work, and Zimmerman in his turn published a merciless review of hi3 critic' 3 book in the Reading Times and Dis- patch: Racuh's controvery with those who did not spell as he did was perennial, and Zimmerman continued to pile up evidence of Rauch contradicting Rauch in spelling, until all eastern Pennsylvania was Convulsed.

Rauch strove, in letters to all the papers that reprinted Zimmerman's review to defend himself, and as Zimmerman was content with his first article, the controversy went no far- ther. Rauch 's contention was, that inasmuch as English was the language Pennsylvania Germans studied in the schools and that inas- much as they and not people trained in German were expected to read Pennsylvania German, - it ought to be spelled after the rules of English orthography.

Haldeman once wrote him saying, that, in order to read what Rauch wrote, a German had first to learn to read English, to which Rauch replied, "very true? Since many differed with Rauch, not only on this point but also on the propriety of calling the dialect Pennsylvania Dutch he proposed at one time, that those who spelled after the German fashion should be styled Pennsylvania German and those who used the English orthography should follow him and call themselves Penn- sylvania Dutch. This initial controversy as to how the dialect should be spelled, Involved constantly widening circles.

The latter while conceding that Rauch was a very popular writer and the author of a Dictionary, disproves nevertheless of his Phonography, which he characterizes as a very inaccurate and misleading method of spelling one language accord- ing to the standard of another. The last word in the controversy, at least from the scientific point of view, will be the publication of the Diction- ary by Profs. Learned and Pogel who are using a good phonetic al- phabet, but among the folk the strife will doubtless continue, until the last writer in the dialect has uttered his last word, spelled as he and a kind Providence wills.

Rauch' s apparent coldness to Zimmerman in this book seems strange in view of his tone towards him two years before. The former passage I include here as a specimen of the dialect when it essays literary criticism. Mister Drooker:- Ich winsh deer un all dine freind en rale olt fashiondes neies Yohr. Es is 'n Ivversetzung fun a English shtickly un ich muss sawga os der Zimmer- man es ardlich ferdeihenkert goot gadu hut. Des explained no;? The discourse is in part reprinted in one of the early volumes of the Proceedings of that Organization. Translated from the original with variations.

In the Appendix to this essay I give tha characters of the play, the costumery as prescribed by the author and an outline of the skit. Home writes of it in Matthew's and Hungerford's History of Carbon and Lehigh Counties: "Rauch' 3 Pennsylvania Dutch Rip Van Winkle ia a very happy trans- lation and dramatization of Irving 's story, the scene being changed from the Catskill to the Blue fountains to give it a locale in keeping with the language in whicli it is rendered" I will add that in one remarkable instance, our author has forgotten himself.

The dramolet is well adapted to the local town halls, where it was intended to be, and was performed. The language of the romantic parts, of Rip's dealings with the spirits of the mountains, is interesting as an illustration of what form the dialect takes on, in the hands of a man, who never hesitates for a word; if he find3 it not in the dialect vocabulary he reaches over and fetches one out 0?

One more word about his influence: Kuhns calls him the Nestor of all those who have tried their hand at composition in the dialect, and of hie influence on subsequent writers there can be no doubt. Sometimes the acknowledgement comes incidentally, as when a writer in the "Spirit of Berks" speaking of Zimmerman's poetry says "Er kann em Pit Schwef f elbrenner die Auge zu achreiwe" but quickly adds "Wanna awer ans Breefa schreiwa geht dann is der Schwef f elbrenner als noch der Bully Kerl" : sometimes the acknow- ledgement comes indirectly as when somebody signs himself "Em Pit Schweffelbrenner 3ei Cousin" and sometimes it comes frankly and Vs57 freely as in the caae of Hartor Boonastiol in a private letter I received from him.

Pennsylvania Dutchman. Page I. Prospectus: Der Pennsylvania Dutchman i3 net yuacht intend for Laecherlich un popular leh3a shtuff for oily de unaer Pennsylvan- isch Deitsch - de mixture fun Deitsh un English - forstehn awer aw for usefully un profitlichy instruction for oily de druf ous sin bekannt tsu waerra mit der sproch, un aw mit em geisht, character un hondlunga fun unseam fleisiche, ehrlicha un tSAhlreicha folk in all de Middle un Westliche Shtaate. Der title, Pennsylvania Dutchman, hen mer select noch dera das mer feel drivvor considered hen, un net ohna a wennich tzweifel der waega, weil mer wissa dass a dehl Deitsha leit uf der mistaken notion sin das an "Dutchman" g'hehsa waerra waer dis- respectful qwer sell is an mistake.

Es is unser obsicht freind tsu treata mit a liberal supply fun neia articles, shtories, breefa, poetry, etc. Mer hen aw im sin ivversetzung tsu gevva fun kortzy shticker, un mer hen aw an Pennsylvania Deitsoh Dictionary aw g'fonga wo mer expecta t3U drucka in buch form. Awer um die yetzicha publication recht in- teresting tsu macha hen mer conclude aw tsu fonga, un in yeder nummer an dehl fum Dictionary tsu publisha. Awer es is yusht an awf ong. Mer assura aw all unser freind dos gor nix erecheina soil in dem publication dos net entirely frei is fun indecency, odder im geringshta unmorawlich sei konn.

Rauch, Lancaster, Pa. Page 2. A Bright Star Quenched. Forney on the death of Horace Greely from which we extract. One of the rarest char- acters in history is suddenly dropped from the ranks of men. An Heller Shtarn Ousgonga. Unner dem heading f inna mer in der Phila. Press fum 30th Nov. Forney seinre fedder fun weaga 'm Horace Greely aeim doht, fun wellam mer copya: Ehns fun de rahrste char- acters in unser g'shicht is uf amohl gedropt fun ir. Almost to the end of Page 2. V- Familiar Sayings. I wish you a happy New Year. Vhat "business are you driving now? The Assembly will meet in a few days.

A good man is kinder to his enemy than a had man to his friend. Carpets are bought by the yard and worn out by the feet. A man suffering from influenza was asked by a lady what he used for his cold. He answer- ed "Five handkerchiefs every day. Was for bisness treibsht olla well? Die Semly kumrat tsomma in a paar dog.

An guter mon is besser tsu seim freind dass an schlechter mon tsu 3eim freind. Carpets kawft mer by der yard un weard se ous mit em fuss. An mon daer der schnuppa g'hot hut is g'froaked waerra by a lady wass er braucht fer sei kalt. Sei ontwart war "Finf shnupdicher oily dog. Rest of Page 4.

Translated by S. Page 5. Unser Olty Heemet - by E. Dutchman Drucker, Dare Sir:- Weil ich un du olty bekannte sin, un wie ich ous g'funna hob des du im sin husht eppes neies tsu publisha, in goot alt Pennsylvania Deitsh so dos unser ehns es aw lehsa un fershtea konn, hob ich grawd amohl my mind uf g'macht der en breef zu shreiva.

Page 7. Der Freedman's Bureau. For'n gooty Fraw choosa. Pago 9. Select Reading, a poem Christmas Tide by Rev. Page 12jThe Green Spot. Anecdote of Luther. Page The Loaf of Bread. Watching One's Self. Poison for Children. Original Articles. Pure German in Pennsylvania. Anno Domini The First Railroad. Kris Krinkle. Der Easel in dialect Page Miscellaneous Reading. Meade at Gettysburg, a Pennsylvania soldier to his son. A German story. The slanderous tongue. From the Christian Advocate. Letters of Recommendation. Thaddeus Stevens Monument. Cured of Romance; A singular Incident. The House and Farm.

Dutch Governors. Wit and Humor. English and Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary. Answers to Correspondents. The popular Pit Schweffelbrenner letters in the Pennsylvania Dutchman written by the editor of the Dutchman will continue to appear as heretofore in the Father Abraham newspaper for which, under existing conditions they are expressly written. The purpose of the publication. On the spell- ing. Haldeman to Pit. They contributed more to the remarkable popularity of that paper than anything else it contained and the circulation increased very rapidly not only in Pennsylvania, but also in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin and other states.

Our present enterprise has been under consideration for over two years and from all we can learn and from words of encouragement by a num- ber of highly esteemed friends including gentlemen of learning, and position in the community, we cannot and do not doubt our entire success. It is the only publication of this kind, but that it will be the last one we do not believe.

Where spoken. Haldemann on "Bellsnickle" From Phila. Inside first page. Singer Sewing Machines. Inside Last Page. Wylie and Griest. John Seltzer, Eng. Attorney at Law, Pen. Deitsch Lawyer. Deit3ch so goot dos English. Familiar Saying3. Extract from a poem by Tobias Witmer. We feel lenger? Ehns fun de grossy froga dos bol amohl's Amer- ikanisha folk ontwarta muss is we feel lenger de rings fun deeb corruptionists un adventurers in politics erlawbniss hawa solla de greashty responsible offices im lond tsu filla.

Der unnersheed - doctoring and magazine printing 4. De Pennsylvania Millitz. Poem in the dialect. Translation of article from January number of Educator by A. Was is Millich?

Loveletter an mei Anni - Peter Steineel. Letter from Johnny Blitzfonger. En shtickly Hoch Deitsch. Ode on das Schwein. Uvva nous gonga. Der Process. Unser Klehny Jokes. Select Reading. He follows the German method of pronunciation. Hensel on Pennsylvania Dutch and an extract from Prof. Schae- ffer's speech at the Lehigh County Institute. Reformed Church Messenger: "The enterprise of Mr. Rauch i3 a commend- able one and it will afford us pleasure to find it proving a success.

Rauch defends it. JLoadarn - Lutzer Haldeman approves his naming. O u rselves. Joy Herald. Rauch is best known to our readers under the title of Pit Schweff elbrenner. He has done more to SA. Note its usefulness to those learning the language. Familiar Sayings. English and translation. Keaha mit der Deitsha Sense. For der Simple Weg. Spelling 5. Unsor Klshner Omnibus. Der Shnae. Tobias Witraer. An Temperance Lecture. De Beera Wella Net Folia. Parable of the Prodigal Son.

The poetry corner - Vol. 2

Miss L. Ash, live r town, Pa. Der Himmel Uft Eerda. Tobias Witmer. Open Letter to Editor on Dialects. Pennsylvania German. Seeking One's Vocation. A Story. Scandal in Congress. Society and Scandal. Local Option. Popular Provorbs. Signs and Omens. Origin of a Fashion. Billing's Advice to Joe. Use Tour Life Well. Curious Epitaphs. A Quaint Essay on Dogs. Our Table Drawer. Rip Van Winkle - - A Dutchman. Knickerbocker - A rchoolmaeter. Nicholas Vedder - - Friend to Rip. Acken J Act II. After a lapse of 20 years supposed to occur "between the First and Second Acts. Rip Van Winkle - - The Dreamer.

Rip - 1st, a deerskin coat and belt, full brown breeches, deer skin gaiters, cap. Same, but much worn and ragged. Knickerbocker - 1st, Brown square cut coat, vest and breeches, shoes and buckles. Derrick - Square cut coat, full breeches, black silk hose, shoes, buckles, powder. Hermann - 1st. Black frock coat, tight pants, boots, and tassels. Vedder Clausen Dark square cut coats, vect3, breeches, etc. Rory Gustaffe - Blue jacket, white pants, shoes. Seth Slough - Gray coat, striped vest, large gray pants. Judge - Full suit of black.

Young Rip- a dress similar to Rip's first dress. Dame - Short Gown and quilted petticoat, cap. Alice - 1st -Bodice with half skirt, figured petticoat. Brown satin bodice and skirt, etc. Lorenna - Act I. A child Act II. White muslin dress, black ribbon belt, etc. Stage Directions: L. Reader on stage facing audience. Village Inn. Act I.

Scene 1. Vedder, Knicke -bocker and Rory talk with the Landlord. Knickerbocker determined to wed Rip's nister.

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Rip evidently opposed. Knickerbocker knows. Alice and Lorenna come. They have delayed because Alice wanted to see Knickerbocker. Knickerbocker turns up - would call. Lorenna volunteers a way in which he can see Alice. Knickerbocker says he no longer cares for Dame Van Winkle.

At that moment she is calling Alice from the outside. They leave hastily. Rory and Vedder comment on the old woman. Where is Rip? Rip appears from a hunting trip. Has sworn off drinking. Is persuaded to take one. Talk turns to Rip's inability to manage his wife. Rip refuses to take a drink to keep his oath. Having shown he can control himself he takes one J Rip sings a song. Rip is heard outside. Rip gets under table with bottle. Rip enters with a stick, chases them. Upsets table and discovers Rip.

She gets him by the ear and would know what he has been doing. Hare3, ducks, the bull, she leads him home by the ear and beats him. Scene II. A Plain Chamber in First Grooves. Derrick complains about his spendthrift lawyer son. The son is heard outside. He has a plan. Rip's sister made a will in favor of Alice. Rip's rent is due and they decide to try it. Son says of course a lawyer must not have too much conscience. Rip's Cottage. Knickerbocker enters and Alice comes soliloquizing how she loves him: he catches her in his arms.

Knickerbocker is concealed in the clothes hamper. Rip begs for a drink. Alice and Mrs. Rip withdraw, then Rip proceeds to the cupboard. Knickerbocker rushes out into a chair. Alice throws cloak over him. Rip enters. The Devil has been in the cupboard. She raves, falls into a half faint in a chair. Knickerbocker again safely makes the closet. Rip up again. Somebody was in the chair. Asks Alice to get bottle from her pocket Rip and Mrs.

Rip drink. Alice tries to get Knickerbocker off but he retreats again. Alice announces Squire's coming. Rip would to bed but is compelled to meet the Squire while Mrs. Rip goes calling. Alice is excused. Rip tells how honest a man he is. Squir9 would talk of other things. They make the contract, but : Rip may withdraw in twenty years and one day. Rip is to live free of rent. A bottle is always to be at Rory's for Rip. He goes at once. Knickerbocker would escape but Mrs. Rip approaches. Puts on the peddlar woman's dress. Scene IV. Half dark, A front wood. Gun heard.

He has missed his aim.

Decides not to go homo. Tomorrow a new rule. No drinking. Dead pause. Noise like rolling of cannonballs. Dis- cordant laughter. Rip wakes and sits up astonished. Grotesque dwarf with large cask. Swaggerino asks Rip to help him up the mountain with it. Cask is put on Rip's shoulder. Scene V. The Sleepy Hollow in the bosom of the mountains occupying the extreme of the stage.

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Stunted tress. Entrance to abyss. Grotesque Dutch figures with enormous masked heads and lofty tapering hats, playing cards, dutch pins, battledoors and shuttlecocks.

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Most of them seated on rocks smoking and drink- ing. Spirits take immovable attitude. Rip amazed. Figures advance and stare. Swaggerino taps cask and asks Rip to hand around. Rip is pleased, believes they are witches. Grotesque dance. Rip drinks, dances, reels, sinks. Dance stops. Curtain slowly descends. Act II. Scene I. Last of Act I. The bramble by Rip's side is a tree. Rip's gun has only a rusty barrel left. Bird Music. Die zweite ist seine harmonische Farbgebung. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Don't show me this message again. View whole album. Apart from being the first of the great songbooks on which his reputation so firmly rests, they are the songs in which he discovered his true voice, and in which he developed and refined the techniques that would mark him out as a highly original master of the Lied.

Yet the inspiration for these songs was slow in coming. In May , stricken with grief at the death of his father, Wolf had withdrawn to the village of Perchtoldsdorf, now a suburb of Vienna. Pendant plus de huit mois, pas une seule note ne vit le jour. Am Arleen Auger soprano , Irwin Gage piano. Elly Ameling soprano , Rudolf Jansen piano. Dame Felicity Lott soprano , Graham Johnson piano.