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Sorry for not replying sooner I am recuperating from a pinched nerve.. Had to put everything on hold. I hope to be back soaping soon :. I have also been looking forward to giving liquid soap a whirl! Thanks for the wise words!

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I tried my first batch of liquid soap a few weeks ago. But I tried anyway. And all your tricks are exactly it: it takes time, a good arm, and purified water. It is so rewarding though. All that being said, this article gave me incentive to try again, and trust my instincts. Thanks for the push! Slightly different but related subject — can phenolphthalein be used to test CP soap? If so, what is the process for testing? I have an article coming up for pH testing soap properly.

Lots of folks conduct pH tests incorrectly, which produces inaccurate results for instance, using a solution for pH testing. Phenolphthalein drops indicate a color change in the pH range between 8 and 10, turning darker shades of pink as the solution becomes more basic. Since CP should sit between 9 and 10, phenolphthalein should always test deep pink in a cold process NaOH soap solution.

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Hello Kenna, the same is for the liquid soap too. This test cannot show if there is excess lye at all…. This article is just a tiny bit of what Molly learned and wanted to pass on from her experiences in using that book and learning how to make liquid soap. I think you may have misunderstood my reply to Lisa, as I stated NaOH soaps will always test deep pink. I have clarified my comment to be more succinct and direct. Sorry for that! Zap testing is both dangerous, putting a soapmaker at serious risk for injury, and unhygienic, no set of GMP standards would ever condone such a practice.

I have not been helped. I had ask for ingredients and measurements of to make liquid soap. Or steps. We try!

I suggest you snag the book mentioned in this post for recipes and more info: Liquid Soapmaking. Very similar to my own experiences. SO not a fan.

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This was my blog post on the subject, from a few years ago. Hi Molly, Thank you for this great article! It is extremely rewarding to end up with a batch of sparkling, clear liquid soap. Thompson provides in the back of the book. You are right about sticking to the recipes. Making liquid soap has been an exercise in patience, but well worth it. My favorite method by far is the no paste method.

Thank you again for your timely article. On the subject of glycerin…. I will also use it as a superfat during dilution. I have never experienced and separation, but should I be rethinking the use of glycerin? Hello, What pot do you use to make your liquid soap? I have been using a crock pot but after about ten loads the ceramic cracked all over the surface, inside and outside. Thank you! So uhg, help! I started with Ms. Now I want to try one of Ms. Why is this so hard? What to do…need to get this going. I love lemon scented dish soap. I was hoping to make this on my first attempt.

Is it possible or too difficult for a beginner? Also does anyone have a simple recipe for cold process liquid soap? Hi, Rita, Molly is great about popping in with more info, so hopefully she will on this one. She has way more expertise with liquid soap than I do! I have seen a few cases where people are happy using soap, especially one very high in coconut oil. Molly allow me to appreciate your thoughts, thank you for the good work done on educating us as beginner in making liquid soap. I only new that liquid soap is made out of Caustic soda, Potassium Hydroxide, Sulphonic acid, color, water, and perfume.

You have really increased on my understanding. May God greatly bless you. I made 2 batches of LS. Jeanee, If you have hard mineral rich water, it will turn cloudy when liquid soap is added. I just threw away my first attempt at liquid soap paste. I want to be able to sell my soap so it needs to have a good shelf life. It has been a while, but i did try a few recipes where you dissolve the lye in the glycerin i think it was the soaping castile LS and it did not come out well for me.

But it has worked well for others so I did not mean to disparage that method. I am as confused as Jeannie. I am a beginner and trying to understand LS. I enjoyed your blog but became very confused over the glycerin method.