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I have been a Christian for only abo I absolutely loved this wonderful book I have over Christian books on my kindle book library and this is one of my favorite on the Holy Spirit. I have been a Christian for only about 15 years but my heart and soul are enriched by the wisdom that God shows us through lovely books such as this. Very easy for a layperson to understand without going on and on about things that are insignificant. I have already ordered another book from this author.

God Bless. This work is the edited version of four of Tozer's sermons from a series of five. The sermons are topical and displays some of the weaknesses to that approach to handling the Word. Chapter one is an excellent coverage of who the Holy Spirit is. Near the end of his subsection on 'What the Scriptures say," he says a couple of things that give me pause, but the chapter is an important read.

Chapter two "The Promise of the Father" begins strong. The sections covering the periods of promise, preparat This work is the edited version of four of Tozer's sermons from a series of five. The sections covering the periods of promise, preparation, and realization have value but beginning with "The Internal Evidence" some questions begin to arise. For the remainder of the chapter his comments appear to be based more on opinion than Scripture and in much of what is articulated expectation has approached presumption.

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I would not recommend wasting time reading this part of the book. Again, chapter three begins fairly well, the opening and first section, "Is the Spirit-Filled Life for You? The section "Do You Want to be Filled? It also appears to contradict statements made in chapter two, "The Internal Evidence," showing a lack of consistency and logic. Some of that is due to running counter to the Bible on the externals. In the section "How to Receive Him," he shows himself not to be an expository preacher as he repeatedly ignores the context to make his point.

It begins to sound like perfectionism and betrays the Arminian influences in his doctrine.


The last chapter on how to cultivate the Spirit's companionship, like the first, is very good. It gives a challenging assessment of the reader's willingness to pursue sanctification wholeheartedly. He closes with six pointers to aid progress in a better life. In the end my recommendation is to read chapter one and the first three sections of chapter two, then to skip to chapter three and read the first section, and then to read the last chapter. This way the reader will get what is valuable without most of the dross.

Tozer is a very short yet powerful book. I have read a few books by Tozer which usually were compilations of some of his work or the sermons that he delivered. This one is actually a summary of a series of messages that he delivered to his church in the Chicago area and then summarized them into this short book. It is only 64 pages, but within these short amount of pages, Tozer challenges us in many ways. Tozer effectively covers who the Holy Spirit is and how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and so much more.

But the challenging part is the fact that he calls us to evaluate if we really want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This book is a quick read, but you will likely want to spend some time really reading through this very thoroughly. Tozer does a great job unpacking who the Holy Spirit is and how we can develop a closer and deeper relationship with Him. Like most books that I have read with works of A.

Tozer, this one is highly recommended for certain. I received a copy of this book in exchange for this review from Moody Publishers and all opinions are my own. Sep 14, Michael A. But terribly incomplete! Well written in simple language. I loved the challenge of chapters 3 and 4 and Tozer sets the bar high, but there needs to be a chapter 5 that explains that we are human and we will never be free of sin.

The way Tozer ends the book I walked away feeling terribly unworthy. A strong chapter 5 is needed to address this as I'm certain Tozer would not want people to leave the book feeling hopeless. No one will ever be good enough to be worthy of the holy spirit. No pe Wonderful! No person living or dead has ever been worthy. Jesus loves you! Jesus wants us to keep our eyes on Him.

If we keep our eyes on Jesus we are instantly worthy of the Holy Spirit. That is all. If it was through your own works Jesus death was for nothing. Trust Jesus. He loves you! He died for you! Never try to rely upon your own strength - you won't make it 10 seconds. That is the path satan wants you to take. Aug 22, Sharon Cate rated it it was amazing. This book is short in length, but its brevity belies its importance.

Tozer starts with a simple explanation of who the Holy Spirit is, but the opus maximus of the book is the chapter in which his questions reveal why so few are are seeking to be filled. In short we can't be filled with the Holy Spiri This book is short in length, but its brevity belies its importance. In short we can't be filled with the Holy Spirit when we are full of ourselves. Which leads me to recommend the book, "The Crucified Life" also by Tozer. For it is only through living the crucified life that there will be room for the Holy Spirit to truly fill us.

Feb 07, Marianne rated it it was amazing. What I love about A. Tozer is the challenge he poses to his audience to deeply examine where they stand in their Christian faith, where they want to be in their Christian faith, and compare it ultimately to the life that God wants us to have in our Christian walk. He describes this fulfilling as a complete surrender and trust to let the Spirit of God convict you to be sanctified for Christ.

I was challenged personally on What I love about A. I was challenged personally on my motives I love Tozers reverence for God. This short book is a series of four sermons on the Holy Spirit. I am not sure I agree with the argument that we must ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit even long after we have been converted as I always believed that we have the Holy Spirit from the time of our conversion living in our hearts. It did not detract from what he had to say about God though and his argument seemed to be against I love Tozers reverence for God.

It did not detract from what he had to say about God though and his argument seemed to be against people who believed that the Holy Spirit had not been given to anyone after the apostolic age.


Overall a book little book. Aug 31, Sissy Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio-books , christian-living , bible-study , audio-book-read , inspirational , non-fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this book by A. This is a wonderfully reminder to those that have been in church for years. It is also a wonderful starting point for those beginning their Christian journey.

Given in the premise of a four part sermon, Tozer outlines beautifully how to live and be filled with the holy spirit. Though this works was written originally in the s, it's subject resonates with today's societally pressures. It is a quick listen but one I would highly recommend to all. All opinions are my own. This book had me sobbing. Towards the end of the book, the questions raised by A.

Tozer had me answering "no" and "no". Yet I want to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit-Filled Life

I want to walk in the Spirit, to be victorious in my Christian walk. By remembering the good ways God had blessed me, I was able to sink into a restful sleep rather than obsess on what went wrong that day. I'd love to hear from you! How have you cultivated contentment in your life?

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