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PEBRINA - Definition and synonyms of pebrina in the Italian dictionary

Io son fuori di me. Fiorilla holds out her hand, which Selim presses tenderly. They leave; enter Don Geronio, Narciso, and the poet. Che avvenne mai? Sien maledetti tutti i turchi del mondo. L'amante della zingara! Per Bacco! Whatever's happened? POET What is it? A curse on all the Turks in the world. POET This is a moment to do oneself proud. POET leaps for joy What! The gypsy's lover! Apollo, ti ringrazio. Una sposa-capricciosa! Ma signor, per chi s'infiamma? This sudden arrival is a fine unexpected scene The play is made.

I thank you, Apollo. POET A foolish husband! A capricious wife! No: there's nothing better. Show me some respect, or else someone will break your head. Don't you start insulting us, or you'll have to deal with me. POET first to one, then the other But, sir, why grow so heated? But sir, who's enflaming you? Sceglier voglio per un dramma l'argomento che mi par. Scena prima - moglie I want to choose for my play the story that I please. GERONIO Choose a story, if you will, that's not suited to those like me and that doesn't mistreat husbands who can make themselves respected.

Scene One - Wife No: this is the best yet. Scena seconda Appartamento elegantemente ammobiliato in casa di Don Geronio. Fiorilla entra, accompagnata da Selim. Scene Two Apartment elegantly furnished in the house of Don Geronio. A sofa, small table, chairs, etc. Fiorilla enters, accompanied by Selim. She gives orders to a servant who is leaving. Be seated. SELIM sits down In this boudoir I admire the rich furnishing; but for a beauty as great as yours a temple is required, and you'd have a magnificent one in Turkey.

Is it true that Turkish men are so jealous? Che begli occhi, e che foco in lor scintilla! Quante donne amaste? Quante vorreste averne? What beautiful eyes, and what fire sparkles in them! How many women have you loved, how many would you want to have? And wanted to love no other. But when I'm near you, I feel that I must burn with love again.

If you will welcome my love volete l'unica del mio cor fiamma sarete. Entra Don Geronio. Che mi tocca a sopportare? Sperar posso un tal favor? Enter Don Geronio. What do I have to bear? Allow me? May I come in? Can I hope for such a favour? What's happening? Narciso entra e sta in disparte. Narciso enters, but stays behind.

The fickle girl is already the Turk's beloved. Fiorilla costringe il marito a baciar la vesta del turco. Dite bene: vecchio stolido! Giusto amor! Dite bene: ah! Fiorilla forces her husband to kiss the Turk's coat. This astounds me. These Italian husbands are far more polite than Turks; they are full of kindness.

You're right: the old fool!

Synonyms and antonyms of filugello in the Italian dictionary of synonyms

They are full of kindness. Just Love, ah, see punished these wrongs being done to me. He's right ah! Can you bear peacefully such a grave insult? Comincia a partire, poi torna. Que' due seccatori l'assediano ognor. Que' due seccatori si rodano il cor. Mi straziano l'alma lo sdegno e l'amor. These men are mocking me; better get out of here. He starts to leave, then returns. Those two bores are still besieging her. I hope those two bores eat out their hearts. My soul is torn in shreds by scorn and by love. Ma pure mi calma del turco il timor.

Partono Selim, Fiorilla, Narciso. Qui l'ho sorpresa vagheggiata dal turco, ed il bestione ammazzar mi volea. Mi astrinse, per placarlo, a baciargli il vestito. But still fear of the Turk is calming me down. Selim, Fiorilla, and Narciso leave. Geronio, left alone, walks up and down. Poet, doesn't it seem to you that I deserve pity? I surprised her here being courted by the Turk, and the great beast wanted to kill me. POET Fine! To calm him, she forced me to kiss his garment. POET Oh! Che quartetto prezioso! Io non t'intendo. Or che pensate di dire a vostra moglie?

Il poeta esce. Alfin son'io che devo comandare in casa mia. O quel turco, o mia moglie vada via Entra Fiorilla. POET What a scene! What an invaluable quartet! I don't understand you. Now what are you thinking of saying to your wife? I could impose my reasons on her; but this one is the other side of the coin. POET She's that way because she finds that you're a straw man. The poet leaves. Patience is the jackass's virtue. I'm the one after all who commands in my own house.

Either that Turk or my wife has got to go Fiorilla enters.

Translation of «filugello» into 25 languages

Cattivo incontro! An unfortunate meeting! I'll be forced for a quarter of an hour to listen to moral precepts. You're not as sweet as I used to find you. Voi crudel mi fate oltraggio! Mi offendete! V'amo anch'io egualmente, ognun lo sa. You tease me still? Cruel one, you wrong me! You offend me!

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Just the same. Everyone knows it. Con marito di tal fatta ecco qui come si fa. To punish you I want to have a thousand lovers always by me, to act crazy night and day. Amuse myself at liberty. With a husband made like this, here is what you have to do.

La Casa delle Farfalle

They leave. Scena terza Spiaggia di mare, ecc. Gli zingari sono occupati a diversi uffici. CORO Gran meraviglie ignote al sole udir chi vuole, chi vuol mirar? CORO Gran meraviglie, ecc. Entra Selim, poi il poeta. Scene Three The seashore, etc. The gypsies are busy with various occupations. Who wants to see? There's no mystery so dark that I can't unveil it. Selim enters, then the poet. SELIM All is ready for our flight; the wind is good, the sea is calm; I'm standing here, impatient, to wait for my beautiful one. Without recognising him, Zaida is approaching him. Non ho forza di parlar.

SELIM Che t'annunzia la mia sorte di funesto e duro tanto, che sugli occhi quasi il pianto io ti veggo tremolar? Zaida bella! I haven't the strength to speak. ZAIDA I see, through unwarranted jealousy, Zaida condemned to death; yet she loves you, and only longs to be able to go back to you. I'm not mistaken Entra Narciso, poi Fiorilla colla faccia coperta da un velo, e in ultimo Geronio. CORO Evviva d'amore il foco vitale, delizia del core, del mondo piacer. POET Here's the chair, yet no fainting; this is against the regulations.

Narciso enters, then Fiorilla, her face covered by a veil, and finally Geronio. Give me back my love at last or give me my liberty. What an appearance! If I find her, she'll hear something. Si toglie il velo, e tutti coloro che erano accorsi a vedere gridano. Is this how you love me? She removes the veil, and all who had come to look, shout. ALL Ah! Io mi sento in faccia a lei dallo sdegno lacerar. Qui con lui restar vogl'io.


I feel myself, beneath her gaze, torn by my contempt. POET This scene was only lacking to fill out my verses: there's surprise for five or six; a grand finale can be made. I want to remain here with him. You're not speaking? Go home at once! Quasi si azzuffano. POET Oh, what an unusual scene! I know how to punish well.

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  7. They almost come to blows. To me! Che maniera di parlar! Deh parlate colle buone, non vi state a cimentar. Che final What a way to talk! Hey, calm down! Zaida, well! Come, talk politely to each other. Don't start battling. POET Go on I'm enjoying it What an end What a sensation this will make! ALL THE OTHERS When the wind starts suddenly puffing, shakes the woods and strips off the leaves, when the stormy sea is roaring, foams, boils, and beats on the shore, they make less din than two women when they are rivals in love.

    Tavolini con lumi, ecc. Don Geronio ed il poeta sono seduti. Entra Selim. Gran cose debbo dirti. Si ritira.

    CB Made in Italy’s Cecilia Bringheli

    Little tables with lamps, etc. Don Geronio and the poet are seated. They are drinking. Selim enters. I have great things to say to you. POET A new intrigue. POET I'll withdraw to avoid any involvement, and to note down everything. He withdraws. Quanti anni sono che con donna Fiorilla vi uniste in matrimonio?

    Calma, Geronio. SELIM Io vengo, amico ad offrirvi un rimedio, a cavarti d'impaccio; e non dovrai per la risposta tua faticar molto. How many years has it been since you and Donna Fiorilla were joined in matrimony? Be calm, Geronio. SELIM Friend, I've come to offer you a remedy that will get you out of this spot; and you answer won't cost you much effort. SELIM Perhaps you've heard some news of a fine Turkish custom: when a wife becomes a burden her husband turns salesman. Ma pensi But think Ed invece di pagarla il buffone, che s'oppone, per far presto, d'ammazzar.

    Escono da parti opposte. Entra Fiorilla con il coro. And there we'll have knifings, and musket-shooting, and you'll see that I cannot be frightened by threatening. They exit by opposite doors.

    Il Baco da seta, la farfalla dal filo prezioso - italiano

    Fiorilla enters with the chorus. Of sporting and delight love's the progenitor. FIORILLA If the zephyr rests to caress a flower, if from lily to rose flits the fair butterfly, butterfly and zephyr both are moved buy the power of love. Osa a Fiorilla l'amante disputar! Abbia il suo turco poi che non lo voglio. Zaida fa per entrare. Daring to vie for Fiorilla's lover! I'll get even with her: I want her to be present at my triumph. At any cost, I'll humble the silly thing's pride, she can have her Turk since I don't want him.

    I've had her invited to this inn in Selim's name; let her come and we'll see which of us will be the winner. Zaida is about to enter. Sul cor di lui non voglio che la vostra lontananza m'apporti alcun vantaggio. Ecco appunto Selim. I don't want your absence to give me any advantage over his heart. Now we can vie for him in peace: he'll choose between us the one he like best. Here comes Selim now. Enter Selim. But you can't be alone a minute. De' miei torti io stessa qui venni spettatrice. Zaida parte. What does this mean? Ah, I understand! We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

    Meaning of "filugello" in the Italian dictionary. Bombyx got. The definition of filugello in the dictionary is silkworm. Synonyms and antonyms of filugello in the Italian dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the Italian literature, quotes and news about filugello. A nutricarsi Seguita il Filugello , e il nuovo cibo Novelli cangiamenti in lui produce. La parte superiore Gianfrancesco Giorgetti, Gianfrancesco Giorgetti, Grassi, Bonafous, Gianfrancesco Giorgetti. D'altro valore che di gemme e d' auro.

    Andrea Libavio Medico di Rottemburgo ne scrisse due eleganti libri latini. Andrea Corsucci da Sascorbaro. Polsrancesco Polfranceschi Veronese. Giuseppe Gaetano Cara de Canonica, Bonafous,