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Gale, Literature Resources from Gale. Comparing it in relation to science and religion and ideologies.

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She cleverly links it to the atomic race age when the United States was in a race for nuclear weapons and during that time, holding science as our 'religion. This is especially seen in the birthmark when science and romance are favored by both main characters, Aylmer the husband going to science for his answers and Georgiana the wife going to love and romance for hers. Thus relating the time in earlier history when America depended on science for answers.

Then Eckstein goes on to include one large analysis of several of the readers criticisms and their inputs. Mentioning their opinions on both the moral and main characters and the moral of the story. From each criticizers point of view.

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I found this article to be pretty confusing because it jumped around from the criticizers and quotes. Several names were also mentioned, it was very hard to keep track of who was saying what. Often times it seemed as if criticizers were analyzing each other constantly instead of the story or characters.

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I do not deem this source as very helpful and do not recommend to anyone really. Norton print. Pages Matthew J.

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The main character I looked at, of course was Aylmer from the Birthmark. The article is detailing him, who he is, what he does, how he acts, how he thinks, etc.

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The birthmark is very tiny, red, and resembles a hand. Eventually he does remove it scientifically and successfully, but the end result is the death of his beloved wife. This article shows human sin and inherent self destructive behavior, describing it through Aylmer. Aylmer is a broken vessel, with the desire of perfection for his wife. As he obsesses over this, she reluctantly agrees, because she loves him, and does not want him to be taunted.

This article points out the story of the Birthmark, is very similar to the long time scientific dream of turning lead or metal into gold. Which Aylmer essentially does in a sense. He turned something, that he deemed ugly, into a thing of beauty. When in reality, there was nothing wrong with her in the first place and Aylmers obsessive behavior got to the better of him.

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Thus the end result, the death of his wife by the elixir she was given to drink for the mark. The main characters are a married couple, Aylmer and Georgiana. Aylmer then tells Georgiana that he can remove the birthmark with a potion.

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Before this, the birthmark did not cause her any anguish because others told her it was a charm. Aylmer begins to secretly cure Georgiana of her birthmark, without her knowledge, by doctoring her food. Georgiana finds this repulsive but gives in to her husband when he continues to push her away. Berkeley: University of California Press, , Proudfit CL. Quinn J, Baldessarini R. Baym N. Crouse K. Translated and Edited by James Strachey. London: The Hogarth Press, , Zanger J. Lawson K and L Shakinovsky. The Subjection of Women.

Dover Thrift Edition Series. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, , Ekstein B. Kass L Chairman. May , January Public Domain.