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Kennedy, in Though there were many notable exceptions, for the most part during their fall from power they conducted themselves with quiet dignity. We could learn from their example.

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The stakes directly affect him. I think they would rather have privilege. So what happens when America crosses that milestone and becomes a majority-minority country?

Rich white men rule America. How much longer will we tolerate that?

The change is likely to be more subtle. You will see it at the grocery store, in the produce section and condiment aisle. You will see it in classrooms, where the under population will reach a majority-minority state in just two years. You will notice it in pop culture and in advertisements, where businesses have already figured out that the color most important to their bottom line is green. While the angst over the coming demographic shift might make for more uncomfortable race relations, it might finally usher in a reckoning in which America faces hard truths: The Founding Fathers built white dominance into the fabric and laws of the nation, and a country that proclaims to love freedom and liberty is still struggling with its roots in the original sin of slavery.

Pride and history stir up a complicated cocktail in New Orleans, where Mayor Mitch Landrieu championed the removal of Confederate monuments throughout the city, including one of Gen. Robert E. Lee, despite vociferous protests and cries of cultural displacement. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy—ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement and the terror it actually stood for.

For some Landrieu emerged as a hero—a white Southerner willing to ask America to atone for its original sin. New Orleans businessman Frank Stewart, who took out newspaper ads denouncing the removal of the monuments, said they should have been amended instead of removed. You learn from them. Stewart accuses Landrieu of rewriting and erasing history and using the issue to make a national name for himself.

But I did. Landrieu lost 37 percent of his white support when he removed the monuments, and polls indicate that nearly nine out of 10 white Lousianans opposed their removal. Every Tuesday, Landrieu has lunch at a local restaurant with his parents, who are both in their 80s.

During a recent meal he approached an older couple he knew to say a quick hello. The wife was wearing a scowl as she leaned in close. Did it give you cancer?

Dear White America

He asserts he did more than just take down the monuments. He also took away something intangible and yet just as weighty as all that bronze and marble: pride. Jason Dougherty, a year-old white Hazleton resident who works in an Italian diner and stunt fights on the weekends at a converted church called the Sanctuary, thinks that the city has never reckoned with its transformation. They actually have things in common. A statue of a black woman rises where one of Confederate president Jefferson Davis was removed last year in New Orleans.

There are groups working to build cultural bridges.

As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind

A recent survey found that young adults overwhelmingly believe that race relations in the U. Young people have inherited a diverse world. What will it take to actually shift attitudes as young white people march into adulthood? Kids have found a way to do something that is more rare among adults. They talk to each other. Yes, they roll their eyes and show annoyance, but they engage and they listen. They cheer for each other on the court and the football field, and they take for granted that a blond homecoming queen named Savannah Butala from the advanced math and science program was crowned alongside a star student named Rafael Santos, who came to Hazleton from the Dominican Republic in Few communities have seen the kind of rapid change that Hazleton has.

It has produced a lot of discomfort and disorientation, and perhaps a good deal of disgust. Longtime residents are angry about crime, overcrowded schools, and the city budget crisis. They are frustrated that those who are bilingual get paid more or have an easier time moving up the management ladder. Dougherty understands that but says if you look closely, you also see that the changes in Hazleton have produced a lot of discoveries and adjustments. He sees it in his own neighborhood, where people are finally starting to talk to each other, and with co-workers willing to share a beer after work or go to a barbershop together.

The regulars always sit at the bar, close to the televisions and close enough to each other to catch up on town gossip. They drink highballs or beer on tap.

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They wear work boots and plaid. The tables in the back are where Latino men sit in a circle for a cold one after finishing their overnight shifts in local plants. They have high-maintenance haircuts and fancy tennis shoes. They also give him tips on how to speak Spanish. He used to find that irksome, but he has warmed to it. Immigrants have been flocking to Hazleton for decades. Putting down roots. Working hard. Raising families. Spending money in local businesses. Older Hazleton residents who are themselves the children of immigrants often say the word with a sneer.

Sacco loved growing up in Hazleton and keeps a collection of memorabilia that shows the town as it was in the era he considers its heyday, when Broad Street had supper clubs and theaters with neon lights. Really angry. And yet, does he resent the men who come to his bar and spend money? After all, they represent the change that chafes so much. I guess you have to respect that. Read Caption. Felyssa Ricco stands outside the house in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her mother and stepfather, Kelly and Jesse Portanova. As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind Demographic shifts rippling across the nation are fueling fears that their culture and standing are under threat.

By Michele Norris. Photographs by Gillian Laub. This story is part of The Race Issue , a special issue of National Geographic that explores how race defines, separates, and unites us. Tell us your story with IDefineMe. This story helps launch a series about racial, ethnic, and religious groups and their changing roles in 21st-century life. The tavern draws both white patrons and Latino ones. America Inside Out With Katie Couric Trailer Hear from the people shaping the most pivotal, evolving, contentious and often confusing topics in American culture today to understand the complexities of religion, race, technology and cultural norms, while highlighting the humanity beneath the surface.

Symbols of the City The Sanctuary in Hazleton is an all-purpose community center that hosts free public events in a former church that was once home to a hundred-year-old Slovak parish.

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Two stars at the popular stunt-fighting smackdowns have created an act that makes sport of tensions between the old and the new Hazleton. With 16 years in the ring, Jason Dougherty wears a U. Dougherty helped train Cabrera, who moved to Hazleton when he was Finding Common Ground After decades of steady economic decline, downtown Hazleton has a different look, feel, and sound, thanks to a new crop of Latino-owned businesses that have opened since , including several busy barber shops. Horvath was born in Hazleton and says he voted for Donald Trump. The two men are neighbors, close friends, and co-workers at the nearby American Eagle Outfitters distribution center.

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Principal Rocco Petrone, who used to be the coach, said the team was mostly white 15 years ago. Now almost half of the players are minorities. The high school is 58 percent Latino and 38 percent white.

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  • Students engage easily across the color line, Petrone says. In less than two years, white children who are not Hispanic will no longer be the majority among those under 18 years old in the United States, the Census Bureau estimates. By then, children who are now considered minorities— Latino, black, Asian, and others—will out- number them, although non-Hispanic white children will remain the largest racial or ethnic group. Within a few decades, the entire non- Hispanic white population in the country will also no longer be the majority.

    White share of county population under 18 years old, non-Hispanic By , It's all scientific stuff; it's been proved. Tackle white supremacy as terrorism, experts say. Fitzgerald might not have been endorsing these sentiments in the novel. The character who mouths them, Tom Buchanan, is one of the least admirable ones, representing a certain kind of unthinking, vulgar rich man.

    And yet, in , a few years before he wrote the "Great Gatsby," Fitzgerald wrote a letter to the legendary literary critic, Edmund Wilson, explaining his own views. France made me sick I think it's a shame that England and America didn't let Germany conquer Europe. It's the only thing that would have saved the fleet of tottering old wrecks.

    Now Fitzgerald seems aware that his views, even then, were not politically correct. He adds in the letter, "My reactions were all philistine, anti-socialistic, provincial and racially snobbish. FBI has seen significant rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism in recent months. The reason I begin with this literary reference is to remind us all how deeply embedded is the idea of racial hierarchy in Western civilization. In fact, in some ways it is in the DNA of the modern West because, from the 16th and 17th centuries, as Europe grew richer and stronger, it began to assume that its material success must be a result of its superiority -- religious or ethnic or racial.

    This view, built on centuries of Western success, has taken deep root -- and not just among whites. People across Asia and Africa prefer light skin to dark and spend billions on creams that promise to make them whiter.

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    In some parts of the black community in the United States, there is a preference for lighter skin. And ironically, this all persists despite the fact that we are now living in an age where the fastest-growing economies in the world are Asian, where China and India are demonstrating powerfully that they can be as materially successful as the whitest and most Nordic people.

    Hate groups are recruiting our young people into a toxic belief system.