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Stefen is still his stuffy scaredy cat self, and the gang is still awesome. I love continuing on from the stories, but I wish I had of re-read Midnight to get a perspective on where the story is. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories, I think I will get over the Daemon, Bonnie romance if I have to but I am just so excited to be reading the real deal, even if it is "Fake" written by the real author.

Anyway definitely buy these and support L. J Smith so she can continue with TVD the way it was supposed to be. Jan 16, Christine rated it really liked it. Ok First I love the fact that L. This made the female characters feel a little unfamiliar but that fits with the story line. I enjoyed the way the characters kept trying to remember things and how Caroline was featured. Damon's Ok First I love the fact that L.

Damon's back with his KW smile although I'm not sure what I thought of his character, there's something lacking but cant put my finger on it, I'm tempted to say he was being too nice but I don't mind him being nice. I think there was a little too much hospital and Elena resting that was a little restricting to me. Overall the books good to read, there's potential with the story line, i want to see where it goes and will buy part 2 Jan 16, Kushnuma rated it it was amazing Shelves: 1st-in-unfinished-series , l-j-smith , netgalley-approved.

I received a free ebook copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Paradise Lost is a fanfic on Kindle Worlds by L. Smith and continues on from Midnight. Damon is back, Stefan, Elena and their friends attend Dalcrest College and everything was going in alright. But one night Stefan almost drains Elena making him think that he isn't good for her and is too dangerous. Therefore, he makes Elena, his friends and others who might remember him, to forget everything about him and leaving D I received a free ebook copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Therefore, he makes Elena, his friends and others who might remember him, to forget everything about him and leaving Damon to take care of them. But there is something else that is lurking in the background I was soooo excited when Netgalley offered me this book as I couldn't access this book in any other way! I wasn't too happy with all the Bamon and there were a few grammar mistakes!

But otherwise I loved it and I am looking forward to reading War of Roses now! Jan 15, Heather Finley rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , urban-fantasy , paranormal. If I haven't mentioned this before, let me mention it again. I have a big kitsune tattooed on my side based on it. I was overjoyed that LJ Smith finally got to write within her world again. I love the episodic stories.

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They are different but have a fresh feel to them and make me first I had a new one to read every week. As a Team Damon member, I'm happy to see Smith's take on him again. I want Elena to be his Dark Princess so bad. Another thing I If I haven't mentioned this before, let me mention it again. Another thing I loved about this book was all the literary mentions. Marlowe is my favorite play writer so seeing his work and how it reflects the Vampire Diaries world is awesome. The William Blake stuff was enjoyable as well.

There was a few typos in my version but they were easy to look past. Can't wait to see what Smith throws us next! Mar 14, Stephanie rated it really liked it. This is beautiful. It gives a good amount of moments between Damon or Bonnie or at least with Damon admitting he has feelings for Bonnie as well as Elena. There is a great deal more of Elena with Damon than I care for, honestly, but I enjoyed reading the story. Something is stirring yet again and I am very excited and curious to see where it all goes. Jan 17, Heather rated it did not like it.

Detailed review to come, but basically it sucked. Such complete and utter crap, no wonder L. Smith was fired from writing The Vampire Diaries series. View all 3 comments. Feb 17, Melissa rated it really liked it. I am a huge Vampire Diaries Series fan. I am so glad L. I will read it it. Sep 07, Ash Night rated it it was amazing. Loved it! J Smith is back and is as awesome as ever! Jul 19, Chloe rated it it was amazing.

This was amazing! I'm so happy to be back in the world L. Smith made years ago. Though I wish it was a canon continuation of Midnight, this fanfic was just as lovely. Even though I'm not a big Delena fan I did enjoy their plot--despite it being a made up lie by Stefan. But I did like that Elena was starting to remember Stefan--or at least question the memories she was given by him. It just shows that Elena and Stefan are truly in love. I also felt so bad for Stefan!

Having to erase yourself fr This was amazing! Having to erase yourself from everyone you love minds is terrible. But Stefan wouldn't be Stefan without sacrificing his happiness for the safety of others, sad but true. Bonnie is getting more prophecies and it looks like she's going to break from the compulsion as well. And it was great to see Caroline! I know she's the 'mean girl' but I really enjoy her and her plots! I think Meredith might be on to Caroline about her werewolf thing. As for the incoming big bad, that fey tidbit sounded interesting!

View 2 comments. Jul 27, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: octoct , ya , bloody-literature , series-finished. I love that book! HarperTeen publishers did not like where Smith was going with her story and so they decided to fire her. They took her rights to write anything Vampire Diaries as well as her name and used it on the upcoming books as a marketing even tho the books were written by ghost writers.

I find it to be a very disgusting move and remembering the Carve the Mark recent scandal they just had well let's just say that HarperTeen is not something I gladly read books from anymore. Also for the show, because they signed the adaptation writes the money actually went not to L. Smith herself but to publishers because they owned the name legally. How do you like that?

From first look normal our world but when you look deeper you have all these vampires, werewolves and what not. Basically because this takes place after Return trilogy the group is back in normal world and what disaster happened before is erased. They are actually starting college, can you believe it? Ah I was laughing for a second when I read it tbh. I think only Smith can keep her characters same over so many years, they just all have that charm to them and well yeah Elena is this pure thing, nothing like the TV show Elena.

Bonnie is still easily scared and Meredith is an ultimate warrior. Stefan I think is the closest to the TV Show but he too has more purity in him, Damon is just devilish and Matt will always be a big brother to the girls. And well Caroline So in this book basically Stefan looses all control and drains Elena which gets her into hospital. Self pitying leads Stefan to erasing himself from their lives and putting Damon instead. Crazy plan. Now where everybody were kinda themselves I really wanted to punch Stefan. He erased so many memories, like Bonnie does not remember she is a witch, they don't even remember about vampires.

Elena is suddenly with Damon and Meredith even forgets her fiance. Like whaaaat Stefan really, makes me want to punch him so badly. But we get an interesting turn here because suddenly she is not with Stefan but with Damon. And he does still have a thing for Bonnie too. This is so opposite to what the show did that I actually love it.

Tho as a forever Damon Bonnie fan I wanted more of them. BAD: I did not like this erasing memory plot ideas. There are just so many problems with it that yeah It's not like it was exactly bad, I just don't like when decisions are forced on others and that was my main problem. I will of course read the next book. Jul 09, Danielle Myatt rated it liked it. It was so nice to read about the TVD world from the real and original author herself again. I was so excited when I first heard the news of her writing continuing the series through Kindle Words, because I thought I was never going to get that chance again I've refused to pick up any of the ghostwriter books.

They're not real in my opinion and the new author doesn't even seem to get the characters right. Dark eyed Damon with blue eyes? I am in love with the ide It was so nice to read about the TVD world from the real and original author herself again. I am in love with the idea of Damon and Bonnie together and I always have been. I know that the ghostwriter completely brushed their relationship to side in their version of the books, so I was really happy to see that L.

J Smith was still putting them up as a option in hers. I've missed L.

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J's version of Damon and Bonnie so much and now they're back. I love how gentle Damon is towards her and how he's slowly realizing that he has a lot of affection towards both Elena AND Bonnie. I can smell a new triangle impending. I only hope that I continue liking her because it was really grating having to dislike her while reading the series in the past.

Her character has always interested me and I hope L. J Smith is planning on doing more for her character and maybe, possibly redeem her. Also, any chance we'll get that scene where Damon and Bonnie help each other deliver Caroline's babies? The one L. J mentioned wanting to do in her letter? And no, it's not just because of the fact that Delena is happening. Even though I dislike Delena, i've always accepted the fact that they were going to have to happen at some point, since they were part of the main triangle, but I just wish it had happened in a different way.

I don't like the idea of Elena being basically forced to be with Damon because Stefan compelled away her memories. If Delena had to be in a relationship, I just wish it had been under Elena's own terms more. Stefan could have broken up with Elena and said "Damon loves you. Give him a chance" or something like that.

And yeah, Elena is headstrong and probably would have went after Stefan if he hadn't forced her to forget him but I don't know I still feel like there were plenty of better ways Damon and Elena could have been placed in a relationship, but it is what it is I guess. But I kind of hope the memory loss thing doesn't last for too much longer. All in all though, I liked it it and i'm looking forward to reading the rest of War of Roses.

Jul 04, Leilani rated it it was amazing.

I really enjoyed this. I liked the story it was great. The only downside is that it showed too many point of views especially in the beginning because it took much too long to get through the exposition but it was still great. The story is interesting enough for you to wonder what will happen and wonder whether or not Elena will choose Stefan or Damon. I wonder when she finally pieces everything together if she will choose Stefan again claiming that Damon took advantage of her in a moment of wea I really enjoyed this. I wonder when she finally pieces everything together if she will choose Stefan again claiming that Damon took advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

Though the real question is why drag Matt along in both the books and the TV series and especially in the books let Matt still have feelings for Elena Hopefully someone writes Matt a storyline so he can move on. But I suppose they need Matt to save the town from whatever evil is trying to attack them now. Also I hope that Caroline is redeemed some point in the books.

It gets a bit old having the same villian for books upon books. Hopefully her being pregnant, which was strange because they seemed to change the rules about having to kill to activate the curse like in the first book and being a mom will make her realize there are more important things I really like stories where the villian seeks redemption or someone comes along and makes them want to be a better person which I guess that's why I like Damon so much as opposed to Stefan but he was more interesting with a broken heart I liked seeing a side other that "Saint Stefan" who becomes a bit tedious in The Phantom series.

What I wondered though was after that death scene in Midnigt how could she not choose Damon? She claimed to love Stefan as much but we can love others the same amount and yet it be a different kind of love. Damon and her have more passion, more fire, more anger, and make eachother better.

Stefan just kisses her and sucks her blood and it's always the same scene between her and Stefan when they're together. I find Stefan and Elena's scenes the hardest to get through when those types come up. Which is why I liked this book so much because maybe Stefan could have shown a negative quality unlike all of the other books where he was too perfect. Feb 04, R. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Initially I was excited that L. However, I have to say I was sorely disappointed with this installment.

It drives me crazy not to finish a series, yet I very nearly stopped reading this at several points. The whole story and the characters just feel and sound so wrong. Damon, perhaps, is the most true to character originally, but then he's really not as Initially I was excited that L. Damon, perhaps, is the most true to character originally, but then he's really not as he pretty much willingly plays the part of the caring human despite his very occasional grousing to the contrary really, his complaining is more about the memory and power problems than the "playing human" part.

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Stefan is so far off his rocker that I seriously expected him to try suicide by sunlight as soon as he'd altered everyone's memories. That's just how depressed, disjointed, and downright insane he sounded while talking to Damon. Then there's Elena. These idiot judges have demonstrated that they haven't the tiniest idea what knowledge actually is, which should scare the bejezus out of everybody. They are not competent to perform their duties, and they should be removed. This is not some trivial choice between one or another statistical philosphy, this is judges rejecting the rational evaluation of evidence.

Could be misquoted to suggest that the court have just banned something that doesn't exist, like saying Unicorns are not allowed to serve on the jury. Sorry, that doesn't help really does it. More seriously, This ruling bans random effects models used with league tables and to be fair, we don't teach a lot of people about metapopulations and what not. It seems more bizarre in light of the fact that DNA evidence is entirely based on Baysian probabilites.

I do pity the poor forensic scientists who have to explain this evidence to a jury. Of the three reasons given for rejecting Holmes' dictum, the first is a point of law and I won't argue with that. The second is right, I think. Conan Doyle could construct situations with only a handful of possibilities but in the real world there are many possibilities, most of them with very low probability of occurrence. In such situations Holmes' dictum is impossible to implement.

The third objection seems to me to be a confusion. One starts with an event of a certain probability and then revises it as one considers further evidence. An event that starts off with a low probability can end up as more likely than not, thus meeting the legal need for 'the balance of probability'. Dear Sir: "In a recent judgement the English Court of Appeal has not only rejected the Sherlock Holmes doctrine shown above, but also denied that probability can be used as an expression of uncertainty for events that have either happened or not.

But the court did not. The point is made, near the end, in the case comment at the second link you provided. Yours truly,. What is interesting about this is that the judge has used almost the same words we have heard from several lawyers. Of course, as we show in the book Chapter 1 is freely available for download you can actually prove that the judge's assertion is flawed in the sense that it inevitably leads to irrational decision-making. The key point is that there can be as much uncertainty about an event that has yet to happen e.

If you did not actually see the die rolled in the second case your uncertainty about the outcome is no different than before it was rolled, even though Naomi knows for certain whether or not it was a six so for her the probability really is either 1 or 0. And that is exactly what is supposed to happen in a court of law where, typically, nobody other than the defendant knows for certain whether the defendant committed the crime; in this case it is up to the jury to revise their belief in the probability of guilt as they see evidence during the trial.

David points out that the judge is not just 'banning' Bayesian reasoning, but also banning the Sherlock Holmes approach to evidence. But it is even worse, because the judge is essentially banning the entire legal rationale for presenting evidence namely to determine the probability that the defendant committed the crime.

Well put, I totally agree :. Thank you for this piece, David. What a shameful piece of legislation. Any idea how it can be changed? Dear Sir: "I am sorry, I must disagree with this: whether the child is a boy or a girl is a past event that has already been decided - the uncertainty is completely epistemic. With respect, I do not see how it is. Your statement is a true statement; however, I do not see it as a response to anything I wrote. Nor do I see it as responsive to anything in the reasons that you criticize. Let's assume for argument that the world outside the courtroom knows the answer sex of the child.

That doesn't mean the tribunal knows what the answer is - if the sex of the child is an issue the court has to decide - unless the evidence required to answer the question is adduced in accordance with the rules of the tribunal. If it isn't, the party with the onus has failed to establish the sex of the child. That's it. Nothing more. Courts make decisions on evidence that is by the rules of the system less than complete. The rules of evidence may and often do prevent the judge or jury from considering evidence that by a Bayesian or any other analysis could be seen as relevant to the decision as to whethe X did or did not occur.

The certainty level is no different than if the court were satisfied as to the correctness of on an Ivory Snow basis, or even the basis that Wolfgang Pauli would have used to describe the conclusion opposite to the one the court made. In any event, perhaps you should discuss your understanding of what happened in this particular case with members of the law faculty who teach torts and evidence theory. One of them should he or she teach torts might even recognize my name.

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Pronunciation may vary. I am no statistician, so I could well be wrong. But I think the problem that the judges are pointing at is a logical one: they were offered three alternatives, two were discounted and therefore it was suggested they must accept the third. Quite possibly their explanation of baysian statistics is faulty, I'm not trying to defend the words they used. But the logic seems sound - two options have been disproved, another seems unlikely.

But they're not forced to accept that, because there could be some other explanation which hasn't been thought of. I don't think this is an attack on bayesian statistics and please don't stop teaching it, we need all the statisticians we can get! Holmes is bunk, as was cleverly shown by Chesterton's Father Brown. You are never going to know what you don't know, and hence how can you ever know you've exhausted all possible eventualities? I don't think that is quite the same as using previous observations when you have a lot of the same thing happening. But as I said, I'm no statistician, I could be wide of the mark.

It is not clear from the story where it was the good reverend or the process of estimation with imperfect data that was forbidden. I am no lawyer, but my reading of the judgement is that not only should there be 'a balance of probability', but that there should be a preponderance of 'weight of evidence' in order to convict. I would find this reassuring, and far preferable to taking the description too literally. The test might be better expressed as 'on an adequate balance of evidence'.

Hard to express without getting mathematical! If the claimant denied the previous fall, there would be evidence, both for and against the allegation, that he had so fallen. The issue would be resolved on the balance of probabilities. If the court held on that balance that the fracture was sustained at home, there could be no question of saying that since all that had been established was that it was more probable than not that the injury was not work-related, there was a possibility that it was work-related and that this possibility or chance was a proper subject of compensation.

In the case although those possibilities were raised, there was no evidence to support them, so they could be dismissed. But if there had been evidence to support either alternative, the court would have to determine whether it was true. So although the court introduced confusion by failing to specify what sort of issue it was referring to, the dictum is not as alarming for Bayesians as might appear on first reading.

Building in a sense of fantasy can help the learner experience situations they have not been presented with before. I think back to my own CSI Wii game example where I only had some of the facts and clues that were hidden in the visual environment. Challenges allow us to use higher level thinking to solve problems and keep our attention going.

We have to be careful to get the challenge level right. I call this the Goldilocks effect. Her porridge had to be not too hot and not too cold to be just right to eat. Equally, the challenge should not be too difficult as to frustrate the learner, thus demotivating them; nor should it be too easy that they become bored.

Neither will help learning happen. Having been sucked in by only the CSI game, my own experience was the challenge of getting to the next level in the game. However, points mean a lot to a lot of people, coming second most preferred element in the survey when playing games. More about rewards later. Building in levels provides easy to intermediate challenges which cater for different levels of abilities. Each level will not only introduce new challenges and therefore new learning, but the opportunity to practise skills and knowledge learned in previous levels.

Setting goals provides a clear purpose, helps focus and establishes measurable outcomes for the learner to achieve. In order to get to the next level, the learner may have to achieve a number of measurable goals. Each level will have its own set of goals which, eventually, will lead to the overall goal. Like goals, can help learners focus and encourages prioritising tasks. The reason? I refused to ask my mentor, Catherine, for help. I was stubborn and wanted to crack the case myself. I may have got the killer but maybe at the expense of another victim? Not great if the game is to encourage team working and efficiency.

This links to the instructional rule above. This is not the same as giving direct feedback in a traditional elearning module. Feedback is constant and seamless. It will be visual, auditory and possibly multi-sensory.

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Learners will experience feedback in relation to where they are in the game, in relation to others and or the goal. It may emulate the type of feedback people receive in real life if they carried out the same tasks or explored the same environment. If I decided to explore a specific corner of the crime scene by moving the arrow keys on the controller, feedback would be constant and involve seeing or hearing different things as I moved towards the destination.

All of which I would mentally digest for later reference. If I chose to collect evidence with the correct tool from my CSI bag, I would see the evidence had been collected. Essentially, constant feedback helps the learner learn from their mistakes and allows them freedom to fail. Feedback may be visual cues and results of their actions through the game. Feedback also acts as a guide to help the learner learn. This is all about how building in the right level of uncertainty influences motivation to continue with the game and, therefore, achieve the goal. According to Liraz Margalit Ph.

The uncertainty of whether rewards are gained has a positive effect on the emotional aspect of the learning experience which, according to Kapp 1 , improves encoding and later recall. When we encourage unlimited replay, we will encourage learning through repetition and practise. This, as with feedback, gives permission to fail, revaluates decision making and behaviour, encourages exploration and prompts curiosity.

Replayability allows the learner to test out new ideas and learn from mistakes. It is important to maintain motivation by building in support should the learner continue to make the same mistakes. For example, rather than tell the learner what they should have done, offer another task which is easier to complete. The quality of the visual design is vital to the overall sensory experience for the learner, even in the simplest of games to ensure that the visual layout is appropriately stimulating. The quality of the visuals can make or break the success of the game.

Daniel Kahneman

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to aesthetics however, realism is not. Characters do not to have a realistic appearance to make a connection with the learner. Characters and objects can work just as well if they are simplified or cartoon-like. Depending on the type of content you are building, different style graphics may work better with one than the other.

For example, high fidelity, realistic visuals and authentic environments tend to work better for higher order thinking skills, whereas simplistic game visuals can work best for facts. Whatever look you go for, the important things to consider is the quality of the graphics and how they work together. Finally, we come to what some might think of as what really makes gamification. Rewards are certainly useful game mechanics to consider. As we read above, they play a part of chance which releases dopamine levels in our brains which, in turn, motivates us to continue with the game.

However, we need to think carefully when building in rewards. Rewards should be integral to the game rather than the focus of the game. Receiving rewards motivates.