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I could not have felt greater purpose than that. Healing others would give me a way to repent for my mistakes. Saffir taught me to release the energy from the marks into her. It wasn't easy and I would need to practice, but I had never felt more right about anything. For once in my life, I could use my hands to give something to others. For too long, I had only taken and destroyed. The tickling flow of the healing energy poured through my hands on Saffir's arm, when an alert from the floor projector jumped into the air in the form of Medic Jadeen in her red uniform.

Crystal Keeper Saffir, the miniature figure said, her back to me. Forgive my interruption, but all readings indicate that Raea and Elis may be ready to awaken. You asked to be notified. Saffir smiled, and the lines of worry on her face released from their prison of tension. The fear had lingered since my return after the destruction of Heffin's Gate, where gaining clearance from the soldiers that had descended upon Naviketan in the aftermath had delayed me.

Saffir had assured me it was no easy task to convince them of my loyalty, particularly since I had been wearing the Shirukan uniform to aid Raea's entrance into the city to rescue Elis. I shared her optimism, having a fondness for Raea and a deep desire to see her well. Her mate, Elis, was another matter.

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I was on my feet before she straightened and tucked her wings behind her. My new duties were to her specifically, but as her appointed head of security, that extended to all Keepers and guests at Starfire Tower. Although the old Crystal Keeper normally exuded a relaxing peace around her, Saffir's anticipation hurried our steps through the sunlit corridors of Starfire Tower. Upon setting foot in the sterile medical area, we halted.

Jadeen turned from the nearest of the two isolation booths, her eyes zeroing in on Saffir, who stepped forward while I remained at the door, quiet but ready. It would be a minimal chance that any danger would enter, but I had seen oddities in the last few days that could not have been anticipated. This time, I was taking no chances, least of all with Raea's life. Medic Jadeen's eyes slipped past Saffir to me with a coy smile. I should be beating you into tomorrow for taking her into Naviketan.

She would have gone with or without me. I shouldn't have taken Raea, but by being with her, I knew only I could give her a chance of entering the city undetected. And it wasn't right to keep her from the one she truly loved. I couldn't live with that selfishness, nor could I live with knowing exactly the torment she would carry within her if she didn't go. Feeling part of you ripped away was an agony unlike.

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Shards Starfire Angels: Revelations 2. Leia no app do Scribd Baixe o app gratuito do Scribd para ler a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar. Author Chapter 1 At no point in the past did I expect this in my life. Please sit, Captain. Not this time. Questions burned inside me and she was the only one who could answer them. Captain Rajeun. She spoke as if to a child.

I was no child. As I stared at my palms, an aquamarine hand landed over one of mine. Congratulations, Keeper Leksel. A chill raced down my spine to hear those words. I had become one of them. The meditation. You are a brave man, Leksel, but are you ready to advance your training?

Rajeun Leksel wasn't supposed to fear anything. Everyone was wrong. Only Saffir understood my fears, but not even she had seen my deepest. In that, I knew my answer: I am. Then let us begin with using the Starburst marks to heal. Startled, I released my hands and the resonance that triggered the power and sat back. Hope shone from that aged face, erasing years from it in that instant. Thank you. Lightwave: The Sisters of Cygnus.

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