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Without these people, we lose all sense of meaning and purpose in our life. Am I spending enough time with them and truly being present for them? The routine of daily life gives us the sense that life will go on forever exactly as it is.

Words of Wisdom for Daily Living

The result is that we make endless excuses to do tomorrow what should be done today. The good news is, this is one mental hurdle which is relatively easy to get over. When you notice something that you just keep putting off, take a minute to drop everything, shut your mind off, and just do it.

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This will develop the habit of taking action and help you fight procrastination over time. Most of us live out our daily life distracted and anxious at every turn. Rarely, if ever, do we stop to smell or appreciate the beauty of a flower, enjoy silence, or take time to truly be present for our loved ones.

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  • By doing so, we learn to live more fully in each moment and rid ourselves of the persistent stress and anxiety so much of us suffer from. Becoming more present in your daily life is incredibly easy, just pick one point to focus on in any given moment this can be a person, thing, or process like your breathing and allow yourself to become more keenly aware of it. When it comes down to it, what many of us are searching for is a sense of meaning.

    Reward Yourself

    However, the way most of us go about it is to find a way to please ourselves. This is all wrong. And the great part is, this is incredibly easy to do. Your personal associations are a critical factor that influences everything from your happiness to your level of success.

    10 Deep Insights You Can Gain From Your Everyday Life

    It might sound a little harsh, but you should take this so far as to completely remove people from your life that are toxic associations. Take the steps necessary to remove the bad seeds and maybe even add some good ones over time and your life will be noticeably brighter. Life can be really tough. I found that out the hard way shortly after I graduated high school, but something no one ever told me until much later was how important it is to develop self-love.

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    Most of us develop the habit of beating ourselves up over mistakes, failures, and any sort of minor setback. This does nothing but hurt us over time, affecting our health, happiness, and success. It extends off to every one of your loved ones.

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    Popular Features. New Releases. Words of Wisdom for Daily Living. Description If the Lord has called you by His grace, all the men on earth and all the fiends in hell cannot reverse the calling.

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    You belong to Him! This is just one of the many truths that Charles Spurgeon presents in this thirty-one-day devotional guide. Spurgeon's anecdotes and biblical principles will inspire your daily walk with the Lord. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Back cover copy Words of Wisdom for Daily LivingCharles Spurgeon reflects on topics from short beds to capital punishment, approaching each with a sound biblical perspective. Set in contemporary language for today's reader, Words of Wisdom provides you with godly truths that will inspire your daily walk with the Lord.

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