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Merci pour votre demande. Kader Attia Directeur et co-fondateur. Article 4 was also removed from the initial text. Defense expert Lale Kemal says this last incident indicates the TSK's refusal to give up its privileged status. This is not the only thing it resists as it has tried to oppose many other changes, such as the introduction of Border Protection Units and the forming of more mobile forces.

If the draft is passed in its current form, this will mean that the spending of the TSK will not be open to public review. A new directive to be issued by the Cabinet was supposed to decide the points about making audit reports on defense and intelligence spending public. This was why the directive was prepared under orders from the Presidency of the Court of Accounts by a commission of five expert auditors. The commission, which worked on the draft for three months, presented it to the Court of Accounts in late October.

Albay Sinan Balyemez, who serves in the same department, started pressuring the members of the commission during their work. These visits finally paid off and the final changes were made to the draft at a meeting of the General Assembly of the Court of Accounts. Court of Accounts Vice President Erol Akbulut made a statement to keep the draft as it came out of the commission, but his warnings were ignored by the other members.

New articles were also inserted into the changed version of the directive. In fact, only one of the articles was left intact in the way it came out of the commission. Males 30 years of age or older will soon be entitled to apply for paid military service. They will be exempt from basic military training and are not dependent on any age limit. The regulation will go into force once it will have been published in the Official Gazette. For the first time, the Turkish government was sentenced on the grounds of the right to conscientious objection.

The case concerned the refusal by the applicant, a Jehovah's Witness and conscientious objector, to perform military service for reasons of conscience". With this decision the court told Turkey that conscientious objection is a right". The Turkish government again said in their defence that the right right to freedom of religion and conscience was not going to be applied to conscientious objection, lawyer Alsanacak said. However, the court referred to the new case law related to the recent conviction of the Armenian government under Article 9 of the convention.

The court emphasized that today's social needs had different requirements, the lawyer explained.

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Armenia was the first country to be found guilty by the ECHR of a violation of Article 9 of the convention. In this context, the Armenian government was sentenced to pay a compensation fine to applicant Vahan Bayatyan in July This ruling was assessed as a "historic" verdict. Lawyers commented the decision as the "new case law". Legal experts said that the ruling was going to set a precedent for Turkey and that it clearly expressed the ECHR's view on conscientious objection. He is a Jehovah's Witness and was baptised in According to the belief that is being shared by seven million people in the world, the Jehovah's Witnesses refuse military service and blood transfusion; they do not participate in any war or politics.

He had to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine whether his mental condition was balanced.

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He was tried a military court. The bodies of the fighters were burned and destroyed. In an official statement, the pro-Kurdish Peace and democracy Party BDP which won more than 30 seats in the Turkish Parliament in last June election, underlined that "all these Kurdish guerrilla soldiers have not been killed by bullets, but with chemical weapons". So long Turkey has been silent to give contra-prove that its army is not using a kind of chemical gas or poisons, they just deny.

But now German experts are confirming that Turkey had used a kind of chemical weapons or thermical bombs with phosphor derivates against Kurds. Well-known German military and secret service expert Erich Schmidt-Eenboom said that the "Turkish army could have used new chemical weapons in the last military operation in October". After examining the photos of the killed Kurdish fighters, Schmidt-Eenboom found out that the white stains seen on the photographs of the bodies are the most remarkable proof of use of chemical weapons. Hans Baumann, a German physician expert on photo forgeries, speaking to the German well-known magazine Spiegel, has also recently confirmed the authenticity of the photos of the killed earlier fighters, showing the burned and maimed bodies and the unrecognizable faces of the Kurdish boys and girls.

German politicians and human rights experts are now asking for immediate investigation of the case. Polenz demands an international investigation of the case, was reported by Spiegel. At the same time, NATO officially remains silent. So long, until Friday midnight, there was not any official answer from them.

Since October 24th it is well known that 24 corpses of PKK Soldiers are being kept in the morgue of the public hospital in Malatya. During the handover of these corpses which had been mutilated by non-bullet weapons, it is most probable that chemical weapons had been used.

An independent commission of Human Rights activists retrieved dead bodies that showed signs of similar mutilations in the same region that had not been recovered by the Military. Talking with eye-witnesses gave other indices of the misuse of chemical weaponry. Public authorities and institutions are still denying to give an official statement on this incident.

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The delegation will conduct an own research together with BDP representatives and persons in charge of the investigation as well as meet with the ones affected by this in Malatya, Diyarbakir and Cukurca. Furthermore, on November 5th the chairperson of the IHD branch in Hakkari, Ismail Akbulut, was arrested by turkish security forces after presenting this case in front of the Press. This arrest was carried out at the renowned checkpoint in Depin that is an infamous spot for human rights breaches.

Together with him 3 other Persons were arrested. Since then Mr. Akbulut is under arrest and was not allowed to consult an advocate in the first 24 hours of being taken into custody. These happenings under suspicious circumstances are not tolerable. This can be solved with your help by putting an international weight on this issue. With your assistance we hope to uncover the truth and bring some light to the unlawful killings and imprisonments that are obscuring this case.

That first declaration had been signed by 54 countries. The declaration did not let discussion on the rights of the child ebb away. Debates on the narrow framework of the declaration, on an insufficient extension between the countries and on incompliance with its principles prevailed till 20 November Turkey signed the convention on 14 September and enforced it with its publication in the Official Gazette on 11 December It has since been celebrated as the "International Day of Children's Rights". This is the first report on the situation of children that compares all 30 member states of the OECD.

It revealed that Turkey ranks in the bottom row regarding the financial situation of children in Turkey, health, environment and education. Turkey is in 29th position and only succeeded by Mexico due to the field of risky behaviour. In the past ten years, the tendency towards the establishment of a democratic social structure where the priority and the best interest of the rights of all children are protected and where they have a say and can actively participate in decisions for all the matters that concern them in in continous decline.

Also the EU progress report for drew a gloomy picture of violations of children's rights in Turkey. The report listed a number of alarming findings:. Implementation of this law is not complete. In provinces where no such courts exist, children are tried in courts for adults. However, imprisonment for children should be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time. According to statistics, the age group makes up 35 percent of the Turkish population. According to the Samsun Provincial Crime Map and Analysis Report published by the Governor's Office, 53 cases of sexual assault were registered throughout the year, 81 incidents of sexual abuse of children, 91 cases of under-age sexual intercourse, incidents of sexual harassment and ill-treatment in families.

Recommendations made for Samsun included for instance the development of an emergency action plan for child neglect and abuse, increasing the number of child psychiatrists and extending training for parents as well as personal in the health sector. BIA, 21 November Over the period of 18 months research was carried out in ten out of a total of 81 Turkish provinces pursuing the aim of counteracting marriages with underage brides.

Information regarding the counteracting of early marriage and raising awareness was conveyed to 54 provinces in the scope of the project. Seminars were organized and interviews were held with the adult women and younger girls who attended the seminars. These meetings were also attended by teachers, social service experts, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, physicians, journalists, local executives and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The stories of the "child brides" were put together in a book entitled "Marriage is too big at young Age: Children Brides".

The book contains the stories of women and executives of various institutions as elicited during the interviews in the provinces in the course of the project. The Flying Broom Association also prepared the "Child Brides" documentary with footage from different provinces and special interviews as part of the project. The documentary approaches the topic under different aspects and reveals the dimensions of the problems behind the depicted life stories.

A woman in her forties from Van eastern Turkey for example recalled her fear and worries during the beginning of her forced marriage:. I had never seen him before and I did not know him at all. They made me marry him just because he was the son of a friend of my father's. When I saw this person it was as if he was my father. I did not get close to him and I was very afraid during the nights. I did not even enter his room. I always saw him like my father.

I can still not get rid of this perception". There is no description. You come into a big family and you don't know how to behave. When they come to ask [the parents] to give their daughter into marriage they say she should be young so they can teach her. I did not know for instance that I had to rise to my feet in front of the men so I was beaten the first time. I gave birth to my son when I was 16 years old. When I was 23 my husband passed away". My maternal grandmother was married when she was 13 years old. She constantly talked about my [female] cousin at each and every family meeting.

She was trying to find a husband for her. One day I pulled her leg and asked her why she did not talk about me. She replied, 'You are studying, you have saved your life'". BIA, 31 October Read here a summary of their written plea. This is the latest step in a series of ongoing threats coming from courts and prosecutors in Turkey.

We call on the government in Turkey to release the lawyers. BIA, 29 November Holland is considering inviting Turkish president Abdullah Gul for the th anniversary of relations between Holland and Turkey. For these reason, Mr. Kortenoeven said Holland should not invite Mr.

Gul to Holland for the th anniversary celebration. Kortenoeven, "the Assyrians in Holland will be very sad about this because of the genocide Turkey refuses to recognize. Kortenoeven also called on the parliament to consider the situation of Assyrians Iraq. He asked the minister of foreign affairs what he has done regarding the resolution of Mr. He asked that Holland put pressure on the Iraqi government to achieve this. AINA, Nov 24, Ca suffit! Whilst this is a major blow to the heart of any democracy and democratic mechanism it leads to the conclusion that anyone in Turkey who speaks favourably for a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question is at risk.

One of the cornerstones of any democracy is freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention. In its latest spate of arrests Turkey has not only violated this very requirement of a democratic society but has arrested those very people who defend and advocate this right. Indeed, it goes without saying that a majority of the lawyers arrested today are those who have conduct of the defence case of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK Kurdistan Workers Party and others charged in the main KCK case, whom were arrested as long ago as consisting of peace activists, politicians, intellectuals, members of civil society organisations and lawyers.

Any peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question will require mutual confidence on both sides. The mass arrest of lawyers and the continuation of this arbitrary wave of arrests under the premise of KCK operations cast doubt on any such intentions and therefore jeopardises any attempts at peace talks.

We call for an immediate end to this arbitrary practice and for peace talks to be reinitiated. Depuis , personnes, selon le gouvernement, et 3. It is understood that hundreds of policemen are in the building since earlier this morning and the road around the office has been closed until 2pm.

It is also understood that searches are going on in several other buildings in different cities. Indeed there are reports of some 70 people taken into custody. Of these, at least 48 are said to be lawyers. Kocaeli 15 people, among them university students, were taken into police custody in Kocaeli east of Istanbul. You are the one with a real stony heart. You yourself should find a solution to this issue if you have a tender heart which I believe is dealing with banks or the bag law.

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The hearing started at 2. Both the defendants and their lawyers were surprised about the outcome that none of the defendants was released pending trial. Son crime? Est-ce un hasard? He was unarmed and he did not harm anybody on the ferry. His was a spectacular action, aimed at highlighting the plight of Kurdish people. They said that Mensur had been shot six times, three of them in the head. Birsen says that she shared her childhood with Mensur.

She remembers his strength when coping with grieves. As in all parts of Kurdistan, he also met state repression at a young age, when he was still a child. His village was being raided by special teams every day, while the people in the village were suffering from all kind of oppression for they were not giving in to the impositions of the state. This separation was too much for us to overcome since we had grown up all together. Mensur was eight when his family moved to Kocaeli. Birsen adds that "Mensur, like all of us, was also affected by the repression we had to live.

The burning down of our village engraved in the heart of all of us. Still, the military service was the turning point for Mensur. He was once beaten so badly that he had his photo taken that day, so that he would never forget the day he took his decision. We have never heard from him since then. Long after, we heard that he had joined HPG. Before his name was announced, security forces launched a raid his current home in Kocaeli where substantial amount of organizational documents were found, reported authorities.

Speaking to CNN Turk after the testimony, one of the passengers said that they themselves had seen neither the bomb nor the hijacker. He also denied the hijacker had seized their mobile phones. Indeed, he added, we never saw him as he stayed in the captain cabinet. He showed, the statement said, a remarkable sensibility and self-sacrifice. The AKP government has once more shown its real face when it comes to kill and bloodshed. By killing an unarmed person who does not represent a threat, the state has once more stated that who protects Kurds and their rights can be killed.

Applications by victims were in general made with complaints of being subjected to insult, corporal punishment, contempt, threatening with death, chemical substance, threats against their relatives, forcing to wait in the cold, undressing and isolation in cell. One more attention grabbing rate is of the detentions made at press releases that were issued to condemn the tough attitude of police during the demonstrations staged in Hopa where police violently attacked demonstrators and killed a fifty four years old teacher Metin Lokumcu who died after suffering a struck.

En , M. Cette fois, M. Say Stop to the Racism and Nationalism Organization pointed out that these kind of expressions are elements of crime. Click for viewing post from Twitter and Facebook. You will throw rocks and then ask for help like you did nothing. The police immediately run for help. Appeal deadline to the decision were announced as seven days.

We made a criminal complaint and became plaintiff against police because of their use of force arbitrary. After that the police became plaintiff against us. Polis Our case was rejected, theirs accepted. Zarakolu spoke about his efforts to be transferred to the same penitentiary where his son Deniz Zarakolu, a Ph. Zarakolu also said he served prison time in due to a book published by his Belge Publishing House. I am also teaching German to my friends. He was paralyzed from the waist down after a terror attack on April 7, He moved to France and worked in Strasbourg University for many years.

He returned to Turkey in and started writing columns for daily Cumhuriyet. His book History of Civilization was a textbook in universities. Tanilli observed the worldview of individuals who become Marxists without reading and understanding Voltaire, Diderot and Rousseau is reduced to a slogan. According to him, one cannot understand life without the culture of enlightenment, his former student İnci Hukum told the Daily News. As representatives of international organisations, we strongly support our colleagues and urge the authorities to talk to them and find democratic solutions on the issue of press freedom.

The climate of fear and self-censorship that we observed must be put to an end. The demonstration took place without any incident, despite a massive police presence. However, the conditions of the hearing left the observers deeply concerned. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

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